Back and anonymous

2010-12-07 21:38:54 by JPistol

I don't do animation anymore, well that is until I can learn how to successfully do it. More than just shoddy pieces of shit. But I'll keep those two animations up because they're precious memories and why spoil such a thing? So now I'm just here to hang out and watch videos. The lazy person's dream.


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2008-12-31 11:37:14 by JPistol

JP Marone here. None of you know me because, well, I'm not very famous. But I am a pretty fine animator and if you saw Change Has Come and liked it even just a little bit, I suggest you go to my website which has a clickable link right to the left of this post. I've made 5 episodes of a 13 episode series called Evolution Evil, which is like Change Has Come, except it's about evil animals spawned from the depths of Hell and sent up to Earth to destroy it and it isn't improvised but scripted. The style of humor is the same, though. So check it out, dudes. I need all the publicity I can get for my hard work. You can also watch Change Has Come in a better, clearer resolution on my website, so check that out as well. See ya, pretties.