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Microcock Windows Pista Microcock Windows Pista

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cheered me up

Lately I've been slowly losing my faith in humanity, primarily because that thoughtless, effortless piece of dog shit Bowja From His Cashle has been on the front page for 4 consecutive days and my stuff, which I work hard on by the way, doesn't get recognized by anyone but my friends, and having just watched Burn After Reading and become incredibly depressed by its lack of comedy and excessive stupidity, but playing this game really cheered me up and got my hopes up a little bit about this mentally failing world of ours. I used to work on a Windows Vista computer before I switched back to good old Windows XP and every problem I had with Vista was accurately and hilariously represented in this delightful game here. Everything from the misleadingly titled Recent Items to the Bin Laden iTunes song was done perfectly. Thank you for making my day, sir. I'm glad at least this got recognized by the NG community, because this is completely worth while.

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